Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad weather but wonderful betting tips!

Guys, its been a while since my last post and for good reason. Work, snow, work, snow and of course work. The weather is so bad that last week I found myself in a ditch due to shitty roads. The holiday break was much needed. But I swear to you, sometimes life only gives you lemons.

Nuff about my personal life. Let's talk about sports. The Nfl season is coming to a close and is exciting as ever. Nhl, a sport I was not really into, has proven to be one of the most exciting sports I have ever watched.
My primo sports handicapper offers NHL picks. And even though I wasnt a NHL fan, I decided what the hell, just bet them. I have enough capitol to put aside for my "experiments". That's what I call the sports I'm not interested in but could make money in. And yes, my experiments have proven to be mistakes. But I think that's all depending upon the sports handicapper. And just FYI (the list of experimental sports I plan on playing soon are rugby and soccer.)

So December month has been a beautiful month for sports betting. I got well over I thought I was going to make. There have been some ups and downs.
Let me update you on this week.

Last Wednesday (January 7th) was a decent day. Won about $75. I know that may seem low, but profit is profit. Here are the results from my handicapper.
NHL was a bummer, with half of the picks winners, but the NBA brought me smiles. I know what you're thinking: with over 70% winners, how come you didn't capitalize? Good question.
I just wasn't feeling it. It was a bad week to begin with with my car skidding off into a ditch. I wasnt hurt and my car wasnt damaged but I guess its a mental game. And when that happens I wasnt feeling as confident. It goes to show you that your mental game is so important. There can be no doubt. You gotta approach sports handicapping as a system or science. You have to take your bias and prejudices out and definitely muzzle your enthusiasm (which is hard because I love sports.)
Years ago I stumbled upon a website that focused on overcoming mental insecurity. They focus on you helping you to become independent: overcoming fear and understanding the mind. It's a wonderful website. Tons of articles. And I think its helped me with my gambling game. It's definitely helped me in life. The website is called You need a strong mind to bet the numbers I bet. If you ever desire to win hundreds or even thousands in sports, you're gonna need to build up a sizable bank, and then use a portion of that bank to build your winnings.
Needless to say that if I didnt stumble upon ahealthyearth I would be more shaken up and less confident than I am now.
So that was Wednesday...and I can't look back at what I coudl have won because Wednesday is done and over.
Thursday comes around and I decided to bet bigger. And I came away with a small profit (less than Wednesday) but its still a profit. Here are the Thursdays result from my handicapper.
Friday was a terrific day for NHL. Out of 5 games, 1 loss. The Nba was 6 wins, 4 lose and 1 push. OK day for NBA, but NHL was fantastic. Here are Fridays results.
So this is the point of my betting game where I now see how good a sports handicapper is in a particular sport. And this guy is pretty good at NHL. When I see that I know I can start to raise the bets so I can make more profit.
And even though Friday was a 67% winners, I came off with just over a few hundred in profit. Not bad huh?

Now for the weekend. Saturday was pretty good. My handicapper hit just under 70% winners (68%) and that gave me a wonderful day. Sunday was a jackpot! He hit over 90% winners. I made an absolute killing. Sundays results here. Gold Betting Tips scored a perfect for NHL and NFL and lost 1 in NBA. It's days like these that I wait for. And it goes to show that even though your week may start off rocky, there can be a silver lining if you keep a steady head on your shoulder and keep walking forward.
 Until next time guys.

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