Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Benefits of Parlays.

Guys let's talk about parlays. When I first started betting a few decades ago I was overwhelmed with all the options a better has at his fingertips. At the time I was a full of optimism. So I tried every option, from every sport - including horse racing - trifecta, exacta, etc. And in general sports betting I tried everything from straight bets, proposition bets, parlays, and even 'if bets'.  For those who know nothing about 'if bets' then check out the wikipedia article on it here.

And yes I lost, and lost big. But I also won too. It's strange what hope can do to man who lost thousands in his betting lifetime and in one instant got lucky with a $30 parlay on two underdogs and ended winning about $600. It makes you think just how successful you can be if you know how to play it right.

Now, although I probably have lost more than I have won, I am on the right track and that gap, which defined me as a loser, is closing steadily every day. Throughout the years I applied discipline and eventually it got through my thick skull that sports betting isn't just luck - but a very detailed advanced system of strategy. Knowledge is definitely power. And they to my small success is learning how to utilize the betting options to your advantage.

Parlays are a major part of my success because I do hit them once in a while. Maybe for every 5 bets I may hit a parlay. That may seem like a terrible percentage but the profits are what really matter.

The parlays I bet aren't random, as they were before when I first started.

Now, I would love to explain all there is to know about parlay betting but I'd rather have it explained from a much more knowledgeable source. So check out this article on parlays. The numbers may overwhelm you, but stick with it and you'd see the powerful potential in a parlay.

And when you side with the best sports handicappers, a parley is bound to happen - and happen big. So rethink parlays. You don't bet them every day you have to make a bet, but on the days where your favorite sports handicapper thinks there could an advantage with a couple of underdogs then it may be profitable to bet that parlay. That bookie oversight could cost you if you didn't play; and if you did play, then you'd be smiling that you did bet. 

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