Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad weather but wonderful betting tips!

Guys, its been a while since my last post and for good reason. Work, snow, work, snow and of course work. The weather is so bad that last week I found myself in a ditch due to shitty roads. The holiday break was much needed. But I swear to you, sometimes life only gives you lemons.

Nuff about my personal life. Let's talk about sports. The Nfl season is coming to a close and is exciting as ever. Nhl, a sport I was not really into, has proven to be one of the most exciting sports I have ever watched.
My primo sports handicapper offers NHL picks. And even though I wasnt a NHL fan, I decided what the hell, just bet them. I have enough capitol to put aside for my "experiments". That's what I call the sports I'm not interested in but could make money in. And yes, my experiments have proven to be mistakes. But I think that's all depending upon the sports handicapper. And just FYI (the list of experimental sports I plan on playing soon are rugby and soccer.)

So December month has been a beautiful month for sports betting. I got well over I thought I was going to make. There have been some ups and downs.
Let me update you on this week.

Last Wednesday (January 7th) was a decent day. Won about $75. I know that may seem low, but profit is profit. Here are the results from my handicapper.
NHL was a bummer, with half of the picks winners, but the NBA brought me smiles. I know what you're thinking: with over 70% winners, how come you didn't capitalize? Good question.
I just wasn't feeling it. It was a bad week to begin with with my car skidding off into a ditch. I wasnt hurt and my car wasnt damaged but I guess its a mental game. And when that happens I wasnt feeling as confident. It goes to show you that your mental game is so important. There can be no doubt. You gotta approach sports handicapping as a system or science. You have to take your bias and prejudices out and definitely muzzle your enthusiasm (which is hard because I love sports.)
Years ago I stumbled upon a website that focused on overcoming mental insecurity. They focus on you helping you to become independent: overcoming fear and understanding the mind. It's a wonderful website. Tons of articles. And I think its helped me with my gambling game. It's definitely helped me in life. The website is called You need a strong mind to bet the numbers I bet. If you ever desire to win hundreds or even thousands in sports, you're gonna need to build up a sizable bank, and then use a portion of that bank to build your winnings.
Needless to say that if I didnt stumble upon ahealthyearth I would be more shaken up and less confident than I am now.
So that was Wednesday...and I can't look back at what I coudl have won because Wednesday is done and over.
Thursday comes around and I decided to bet bigger. And I came away with a small profit (less than Wednesday) but its still a profit. Here are the Thursdays result from my handicapper.
Friday was a terrific day for NHL. Out of 5 games, 1 loss. The Nba was 6 wins, 4 lose and 1 push. OK day for NBA, but NHL was fantastic. Here are Fridays results.
So this is the point of my betting game where I now see how good a sports handicapper is in a particular sport. And this guy is pretty good at NHL. When I see that I know I can start to raise the bets so I can make more profit.
And even though Friday was a 67% winners, I came off with just over a few hundred in profit. Not bad huh?

Now for the weekend. Saturday was pretty good. My handicapper hit just under 70% winners (68%) and that gave me a wonderful day. Sunday was a jackpot! He hit over 90% winners. I made an absolute killing. Sundays results here. Gold Betting Tips scored a perfect for NHL and NFL and lost 1 in NBA. It's days like these that I wait for. And it goes to show that even though your week may start off rocky, there can be a silver lining if you keep a steady head on your shoulder and keep walking forward.
 Until next time guys.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sunday is NBA time with 75 percent winners!

Guys - Sunday was a brilliant day for me in the sports investment world. I won just over $1000 and I did with some clever betting and a brilliant sports handicapper.
Just a word on sports handicappers - most give percentages of 50 to 60 % - that's normal and with bookie premiums and fees you're not gonna win at all if you play it straight. I know. Ive been there and done that.
Here comes Gold Betting Tips. Now they don't score 50-60% all the time - in fact they score 60 to 75% most of the time. And Sunday was a brilliant day in NBA for them. They scored 75% winners! I glad I bet that day.
Here are there results page for Sunday.

MATCHUP         LINES-O/U     PREDICTION          PLAY            W/L   RESULTS
Wash  vs  Ind    Ind-10/51            19-38(-19)-Ov   Ind-10        WIN   27-49
Tenn  vs  Hou   Hou-7/43              20-29(-9)Ov      Hou-7         WIN   21-45
Clev  vs Buff      Buff-3/40.5     14-17(-3)Un       Under-40.5   WIN   10-26
S.Dgo  vs Balt    Balt-6/45             20-22(-2)Un       S.D+6          WIN   34-33
NYG  vs  Jac      NYG-3/44       31-26(-5)Ov          OVER-44      WIN   24-25
Cin vs TBay       Cin-4/44                30-13(-17)Un    Cin-4          LOSE   14-13
Oak  vs STL       STL-7/42.5           14-26(-12)Un     STL-7        WIN     0-52
N.O.  vs  Pitt      Pitts-4/54             23-42(-19)Ov     Pitts-4       WIN    35-32
Car   vs Minn     Minn-3/42            14-20(-6)Un       Minn-3      WIN    13-31
Ariz  vs  Atl        Ariz-3/44              24-15(-9)Un       Ariz-3       LOSE    18-29
NE   vs  GBay     Gbay-3/58.5       39-31(+8) Ov        OVER         LOSE  21-26             
Den vs KC           Den-1.5/49.5       29-18(-11)Un      Den-1.5     WIN    29-16

S.A.  vs Bost      S.A.-7.5/204.5    102-95(-7)Un     Bost+7.5     LOSE   111-89            
Chi  vs Brook    Chi-3/195.5         101-95(-6)Ov      Chi-3          WIN      102-84
Mia  vs NY         Mia-3/188             95-85(-10)Un     Mia-3          WIN   86-79  
Mem  vs   Sac    Mem-2.5/195       107-96(-11)Ov    Mem-2.5     WIN  97-85                
Orl  vs Pho         Pho-10.5/206.5   84-108(-24)Un   Pho-10.5   LOSE  93-90              
Minn  vs  Port   Port-12.5/212.5   94-106(-12)Un   Under-212 WIN  93-107           
Tor vs  LAL        Tor-6.5/212          125-101(-24)Ov  Over-212   WIN   122-129
G.S.  vs  Det        G.S.-8.5/201.5      106-88(-18)Un    G.S.-8.5    WIN   104-93

Look at the beauty. Guys, in order to win at sports you need to side with a sports handicapper that is beyond amazing. These guys at Gold Betting Tips are just that.
After all the headache of Turkday Day and those dreaded shopping, this day was well deserved.
Their parlay, which I did not bet actually won. Parlays are a big part of my betting strategy but this parlay was too safe for me. I dislike safe parlays because when people say its a sure thing, often times its not. And the money spent with the $10 or $15 safe bets that start to lose, well you start to leak money slowly. And the money they pay out will definitely not make up for the loses. I say, bet parlays when their is a bookie oversight. Then you are sure you win big. This also means you wont be betting parlays all the time - which is fine by me since parlays normally are against the odds to win. SO the fewer the better in this case. And the key to parlays is a great sports handicapper. I love the people at GoldBettingTips but I also find those at Covers and a few of the sports forums to be very informative. The key is to find one that you trust and stick with them.

Until Next time - safe betting!

Turkey Day has come a gone

It's been a busy series of weeks since i last posted. And unfortunately for most, this particular post is not about sports betting. I feel like ranting.
Turkey Day has come and gone and with it my lovely and annoying family. They flew in from San Antonio. Now I don't normally call Thanksgiving Turkey Day, but my nieces informed me that there was nothing about the Pilgrims to be thankful for. Especially Christopher Columbus. And I know Thanksgiving had nothing to do with Columbus but since it was Columbus who some what routed a passage to the America (by accident) I like to merge them together.
You see the Pilgrims as well as Columbus were slave owners. They practically enslaves many tribes of Native Americans and in doing so created death, rape, and so forth. It's quite messy.
In fact I was reading about the history in A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. You can pick it up at Amazon here.
The first link is to Wiki page - i love Wikipedia. I'm on chapter 3 and its so far the best history book Ive ever read. And I HATE history. So I definitely recommend it to anyone. It opened my eyes to just how bloody history is.
So after Turkey Day, then came the shopping days and so forth. I dislike those days. Its not worth the effort to get up and bulldoze your way through crowds of people to save $100. Even if you saved $1000 its not worth it. 
Im thankful that its over and now I can proceed to my sports betting.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Saturday NCAAF Picks Results 11-08-2014

So this time around I bought another daily weekend subscription at $49.95 from for their NCAAF picks. There's a link attached to the results for that Saturday and let me tell you - it was amazing!

61% of straight winners, 64% of over/under winners. But that's not the best part - It's their better plays that I purely bet. And they  had a whopping 68% of winners from their better plays (that;s the plays they recommend). This was just enough to make me a few hundred and change.

I have to say that these guys are some of the best betting tips providers. They also have free betting tips for those who just want to test the waters. Try them out.

I'll be testing them again tomorrow for their NFL. Hopefully they have the same results.
Until next time - keep betting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Horse Racing for Winners!

Horse racing is one of those sports that are close to my heart. Probably because I've lost so much money on horse racing that I almost had to sell my heart to the black market to pay off some debts - kidding, of course. But I do lose money. And even though it's not a lot of money every time that I bet the ponies, the small trickle of cash that leaks from my wallet adds up. That's until I came across a friend who introduced me to a formula that specifically targeted harness racing.
Now Harness Racing isn't my first choice when it comes to horse racing. I love the thoroughbreds. It's fast paced and exciting. So when I think of harness I think of wheelchair racing for horses. I know - you probably thought that same thing.

So my friend gave me this book called: The Ultimate Harness Racing Formula by Peter Joseph. The title is by far the most pretentious title I've seen. It sends red flags when someone over sells his product. It sort of shows that the content isn't as great. You may disagree, but that's what I think. 

I browsed through the book - a couple of times (I'm a slow study) - and the system and formula makes sense. It works better in practice. 

In fact as of now my slow trickle of money loss has stopped, and the profits have started to pile on. It's a slow pile since I mainly bet on the sports I watch - NFL, NCAAF, NHL, NBA, NCAAB and maybe - not all the time - NHL. Eventually I may even get involved in Soccer, but I have no plans on it happening anytime soon. 

The book works. Harness horse racing is one of the sports that I never thought I'd even consider making money in but I am making money in. And even though I don't put enough resources into harness racing, the resources I do put have made me money. This book will do anyone wonders. 

You can find it on Amazon for just over $16. Get it - you'll love it.

The Benefits of Parlays.

Guys let's talk about parlays. When I first started betting a few decades ago I was overwhelmed with all the options a better has at his fingertips. At the time I was a full of optimism. So I tried every option, from every sport - including horse racing - trifecta, exacta, etc. And in general sports betting I tried everything from straight bets, proposition bets, parlays, and even 'if bets'.  For those who know nothing about 'if bets' then check out the wikipedia article on it here.

And yes I lost, and lost big. But I also won too. It's strange what hope can do to man who lost thousands in his betting lifetime and in one instant got lucky with a $30 parlay on two underdogs and ended winning about $600. It makes you think just how successful you can be if you know how to play it right.

Now, although I probably have lost more than I have won, I am on the right track and that gap, which defined me as a loser, is closing steadily every day. Throughout the years I applied discipline and eventually it got through my thick skull that sports betting isn't just luck - but a very detailed advanced system of strategy. Knowledge is definitely power. And they to my small success is learning how to utilize the betting options to your advantage.

Parlays are a major part of my success because I do hit them once in a while. Maybe for every 5 bets I may hit a parlay. That may seem like a terrible percentage but the profits are what really matter.

The parlays I bet aren't random, as they were before when I first started.

Now, I would love to explain all there is to know about parlay betting but I'd rather have it explained from a much more knowledgeable source. So check out this article on parlays. The numbers may overwhelm you, but stick with it and you'd see the powerful potential in a parlay.

And when you side with the best sports handicappers, a parley is bound to happen - and happen big. So rethink parlays. You don't bet them every day you have to make a bet, but on the days where your favorite sports handicapper thinks there could an advantage with a couple of underdogs then it may be profitable to bet that parlay. That bookie oversight could cost you if you didn't play; and if you did play, then you'd be smiling that you did bet. 

Great tips and fantastical results!

NCAAF picks and NFL betting tips!

Guys, I'm a huge american football fan. I love college football and professional football. I normally don't have the time to bet over the weekday although I would love to. So normally I bet on the weekend when there are so many games to watch. I bet NCAAF on Saturday and NFL on Sunday - as you well know those are the football days.

So here are two results I have had great luck with. They come from a sports handicapper website

11-01-2014 Saturday:

MATCHUP  FAV-LINE-O/U                             PREDICTION       RESULT       W/L
Notre Dame vs Navy ND -14.5 /55.5               36 – 12                   49-39             L
Bost.Col vs V.Tech V. Tech -3/ 40.5                19-23                     33-31              L
E.Carolina vs Temple E.Carolina -7.5/ 58.5     41-14                    10-20              L
UCF vs Connecticut UCF -11.5/ 40                  29-18                     27-37              L
Wisconsin vs Rutgers Wisc -13.5/ 52               28-19                     37-0                L
NC State. vs Sycrause Sycrause -3.5/48.5      23-21                    24-17              W
Duke vs Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -4/ 51              27-23                    51-48             W
Maryland vs Penn St Penn State -4/ 48.5       30-21                   20-19             W
NCarolina vs Miami Miami -17 / 65                  36-35                   20-47              L
Georgia State vs App. St App. St-10/ 69.5      33-40                   0-44                L
Air Force vs Army Airforce -3.5/ 58                35-28                   23-6               W
C.Mich vs E. Mich C.Mich -14/ 48                     33-14                   38-7               W
Northwestern vs Iowa Iowa -4/ 42                  23-23 tie              7-48              W
Texas vs Texas Tech Texas -5/ 57                  29-29 tie              34-13             W
Purdue vs Nebraska Nebraska-23.5/ 60.5     25-41                    14-35            W
Kansas vs Baylor Baylor -36/ 61                        7-52                     14-60            W
W.Mich vs Mia-Ohio W.Mich -6.5/ 56.5           38-26                   41-10            W
Auburn vs Mississippi Mississippi -2.5/48.5    24-17                   35-31            W
Kentucky vs Missouri Missou- 6.5 / 50.5         29-23                  10-20             L
Arkansas vs Mississippi St Miss St -10/ 64.5   24-43                  10-17             L
W.Kentucky vs La Tech La Tech -7/ 73.5         34-35                  10-59             L
UL Monroe vs Texas A &M , A+M -32.5/ 56.5 5-50                    16-21            L
BYU vs Mid Tenn State BYU -3.5 / 65              37-25                   27-7             W
Tenn vs S.Carolina S.Car -7 / 56                        21-30                    45-42            L
Florida vs Georgia Georgia -13 / 54                   22-34                   38-20           L
USC vs Wash State USC -6.5/ 67                       42-26                   44-17            W
Stanford vs Oregon Oregon -7.5/ 54.5              15-34                    16-45           W
Oklahoma vs Iowa St Okla – 16.5/ 63.5            39-18                   59-14           W
Okla St. vs Kansas St. Kansas St- 14.5/ 52        9-34                     14-48           W
Indiana vs Michigan Mich -7 / 53                       27-25                   10-34           L
Virginia vs Ga Tech Ga Tech -3/ 55.5                23-37                   10-35          W
Arkansas St vs Idaho Ark.State- 14.5/60.5       40-21                  44-28          W
S.Alabama vs UL Laf. UL lafayette-7/ 53.5        21-39                    9-19          W
Old Dominion vs Vandy Vandy -7.5 / 62.5          35-32                 28-42          L
Rice vs Florida INTL Rice -6/ 51.5                       35-21                  31-17         W
Washington vs Colorado Wash-4/61.5                  32-36                 38-23         L
California vs Oregon St Oregon St-3/ 68.5          36-30                 45-31        W
Arizona vs UCLA UCLA -6.5/ 71                           31-43                   7-17         W
Colo St. vs San Jose St Colo St-7/ 53.5                 34-16                 38-31         W
Utah vs Arizona St. Ariz. St-5.5 / 58                     25-31                16-19         W
TCU vs W.Virginia TCU- 5.5/ 73                           49-33                 31-30         L
Houston vs S. Florida Houston-9.5/ 46.5              33-18                27-3          W
UAB vs Florida ATL Fla Atl- 4.5/ 58                     30-28               31-28         W
S.Miss vs UTEP UTEP -6.5/ 59                             28-36                14-35        W
New Mex vs UNLV PK / 54.5                                 28-27                38-21        W
Texas St vs N.Mex St Tex St -7.5/ 58.5                34-27                37-29        P
Illinois vs Ohio St Ohio St-28/ 65                           19-52                14-55        W
Wyoming vs Fresno Fresno-12.5/ 61                    26-34                 45-17        W
SanDiego St vsNevada Nev. -3.5/ 49.5                  13-31                 14-30       W
Utah St vs Hawaii Utah St -3.5/ 42                        26-14                 35-14       W

What I love about these guys is that they give fantastic results. I love betting football against the spread and they had 4 out of the 5 games winners against the spread.

Overall, when betting straight win/loss I got 32 winners and 18 loses. Guys, you can check out their results page here.

At the time I wouldn't say I won tons of money with them because I bet conservative whenever I'm trying a new handicapper out for the first time. But winning just over $200 is pretty decent. So overall they did deliver.
It cost me $49.95 for their Saturday Daily Picks. So at the time I thought why not take the $49.95 and reinvest it for next weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't bet their Sunday's picks since I got some crazy overtime at where I work - I couldn't pass it up.

And I know what you're thinking - just buy the picks and bet them and find out when I get off from work? Thing is, I'm very superstitious when it comes to money and football - sports in general. I feel that I have a better chance of winning if I actually watch the games. That may sound illogical but it's worked for me so far. Don't judge.  So I figured I'd try them out next week and use the money to test out some of the others guys.