Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Turkey Day has come a gone

It's been a busy series of weeks since i last posted. And unfortunately for most, this particular post is not about sports betting. I feel like ranting.
Turkey Day has come and gone and with it my lovely and annoying family. They flew in from San Antonio. Now I don't normally call Thanksgiving Turkey Day, but my nieces informed me that there was nothing about the Pilgrims to be thankful for. Especially Christopher Columbus. And I know Thanksgiving had nothing to do with Columbus but since it was Columbus who some what routed a passage to the America (by accident) I like to merge them together.
You see the Pilgrims as well as Columbus were slave owners. They practically enslaves many tribes of Native Americans and in doing so created death, rape, and so forth. It's quite messy.
In fact I was reading about the history in A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. You can pick it up at Amazon here.
The first link is to Wiki page - i love Wikipedia. I'm on chapter 3 and its so far the best history book Ive ever read. And I HATE history. So I definitely recommend it to anyone. It opened my eyes to just how bloody history is.
So after Turkey Day, then came the shopping days and so forth. I dislike those days. Its not worth the effort to get up and bulldoze your way through crowds of people to save $100. Even if you saved $1000 its not worth it. 
Im thankful that its over and now I can proceed to my sports betting.

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